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Applying For Benefits

Applying for Benefits

Pension applications are available by contacting the Fund Office at:

6643 North Northwest Highway
Chicago, Illinois 60631
Telephone: (773) 594-2810

You can schedule an appointment at the Fund Office Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

If you need any help completing your pension application, the staff at the Fund Office will assist you.

You should file your application with the Trustees at the Fund Office in advance of the date you expect your pension benefit to begin. You need to schedule an appointment with the Fund Administrator to complete all necessary paperwork at least three (3) months before your retirement date (six months for reciprocal pensions). If you are married, you will also be asked to submit proof of your spouse’s age and proof of your marriage. If you choose the Level Income Option, you must submit an estimate from Social Security.

The Board of Trustees, who are bound by the plan document, will decide if you meet the eligibility requirements for a pension. Only the Trustees have the authority to review the documents you submit with your application and to interpret the plan document. The Trustees may rely on the information you provide in your application and the documentation you submit.

Generally, your retirement date is the date your pension benefits are scheduled to begin. Regardless of your election decision, if you die before you retire, benefits will be paid as described in the “Survivor’s Protection Before Retirement” section.

Your first pension payment is made on the first day of the calendar month in which you are eligible to receive a pension or the first day of the calendar month after the date you file an application, whichever is later.

In the event the Trustees determine that you, your surviving spouse or beneficiary is unable to care for your affairs because of mental or physical incapacity, any payment due may be applied to your maintenance and support or to a person the Trustees find to be appropriate. Also, the Trustees may withhold payment until a legal guardian is appointed.

Beneficiary Designation
It’s important to keep updated beneficiary information on file with the Fund Office. To update or designate a beneficiary, contact the Fund Office. If you wish to designate a beneficiary other than your spouse, your spouse must provide written notarized consent.

Survivor’s Benefits
The spouse of a deceased participant should contact the Fund Office as soon as possible after the participant’s death to request instructions about filing an application for a pre-retirement death benefit. A copy of the death certificate will be required.

The spouse of a deceased pensioner should contact the Fund Office as soon as possible after the pensioner’s death and send a copy of the death certificate to the Fund Office.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order
If you are divorced, the court may issue a “qualified domestic relations order” (QDRO) instructing the Trustees to pay all or part of your benefit to an alternate payee (your former spouse, child, or other dependent). The alternate payee may not begin receiving benefits from the fund under the “QDRO” before you meet the age and service eligibility requirements under the plan. The order may also affect your former spouse’s right to a survivor’s benefit. The Trustees are required by law to recognize and comply with qualified domestic relations orders.

Withholding Requirements
Certain federal and state withholding requirements may be applicable to your benefits. The Fund Office will provide you with additional information when you apply for your benefits.